Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Short and Sweet

So my friend Darla recently confessed to me that she doesn't read my blog. She says it's too long. She claims people have short attention spans and that I should stop expecting them to even attempt to read what I've written once they see it is longer than 2 paragraphs. She's probably right. So, in honor of Darla, I promise to keep this one as short as possible:

I am currently in San José, the capital city here in Costa Rica. We've got a pretty jam-packed schedule involving mostly academic lectures and fancy dinners. We've been to the Interamerican Institute for Human Rights. We've learned about Costa Ricans' response to Nicaraguan immigration (fascinatingly, but not surprisingly, similar to attitudes in the U.S. - especially to those in Georgia, Alabama and Arizona if you know what I mean). We've continued to eat beans and rice, but this time with fancy desserts afterward (I've discovered coconut flan, you guys - it's like a sweet pillow of tastiness that your tongue just kind of melts into).

Yesterday, however, I got up at 5:30am to raft down the Rio Pecuare (considered one of the top 5 rivers in the world for rapids). The night before that I went to a rock concert with my 19 yr old students (actually the band is described as playing "psycho-tropical" music, whatever that means). Today I kind of feel like someone took my body and rolled it over some rocks and then slammed by head into some coconuts.

Mostly though, I just still feel lucky to have this job. On Thursday we are gonna go horseback riding on the slopes of a volcano and then lounge around in hot springs. So, yeah, life's pretty tuanis. (that means 'cool' in youngster Costa Rican talk).


  1. I love flan! I love your blog! I love long blogs. I write long blogs too. I wonder if people don't read my blogs because they are too long...

  2. Darla didn't come here to make friends, dude. But she has a point: editing is shitty but necessary. Although I always read your whole blog because I love you as much as your mom. mwah!

  3. I like your blog and the entries are not too long. I say make them twice as long. Tell your friends to get a span! Also, it sounds like your adventures are hurting your head. Come home, relax, and regale us with stories, Chica.

    1. Thanks for reading mendel! Not sure who you are exactly but I'll regale you with some stories anyway :)

    2. Just another mysterious person who loves you. We are everywhere (in a good, bodhisattva way, not in a creepy way).